Puppy School

Three French Bullgod Puppies

The best introduction to the grooming salon is a slow well planned one

Many dogs are nervous when visiting the salon. There are many reasons why they feel this way; a negative first grooming experience can impact future visits and leave your dog fearful of the grooming environment. At Barks and Bubbles, I strive to introduce your dog to grooming in a low-stress force free way. I will only ever work at your puppy's pace and stop a groom if your dog shows any signs of fear.
Check out below what happens at puppy school, and if you would like more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

                        Session One


Our meet and treat will last between 10 and 15 minutes. In this session, I will chat with you about your expectations for grooming your puppy. We will fill in your puppies enrolment form, take you through my terms and conditions, and discuss the puppy package with you. While we chat, your puppy will have the chance to roam around the salon and participate in a short freework session; I will use positive reinforcement throughout each session to help build their confidence in the grooming salon. These sessions are an excellent way to introduce your puppy to the grooming salon in a positive way. All our sessions will end with a positive play session.

                     Session Two

I will start the process of forming a bond with your puppy, and you will be asked to bring in a couple of items of food and toys that your puppy loves. Together, we will have a short session of play. If your puppy allows me during the session, I will touch them with a soft mitt our makeup brushes to get him used to being handled. This session will also allow your puppy to become familiar with my scent.


                         Session 3

  • Handling- I will carry out a health check and a coat and skin check. I will look at your dog's eyes and into their mouths and ears. I will check their skin and asses their coat. I will attempt to handle their paws to see how comfortable they are.

  • The bath- Your puppy will be placed into the tub and allowed to look around; no water will be turned on during this session.

  • The grooming table- with the table at a low level, your puppy will be placed onto it and will be able to explore; they will be free to leave the table as they wish.

  • Take a break- As your puppy is experiencing many new things, we will stop and have some playtime to help them relax.

  • Brushing- I will introduce them to a soft brush; this will be done slowly not to scare your puppy. 

Puppy Portrait

                       Session Four

I will introduce your puppy to the sounds of the salon grooming equipment; these sounds include water, dryers, clippers and the sound of scissors opening and closing. As your puppy takes part in some freework, I will turn on each device and observe their reaction. If your puppy is worried about any of the devices, they will be turned off, and extra sessions will need to be booked so that I can work on desensitising them.


£25 a session
Some puppies may only need three sessions; more nervous puppies may need six.

                        Session 5

In this session, the puppy will feel the dryer on them for the first time from a distance; I will slowly move it closer and observe their reactions. I will also touch them on different body parts with the clippers, again watching their reactions.

                            Session 6

The first groom 


Health and coat check

Bath and nail trim


Towel dry, then a hairdryer (if tolerated)

Coat brushed out


Ear Clean

Hygiene trim 

Face and paw tidy using scissors or complete clipping 

Fragrance spritz


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