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Cute Dog with Bandana

As a business, are you insured?

Yes, please ask to see my documents.


How much will the groom cost?

This all depends on your dog's breed, size, temperament, and coat type. Larger dogs, for example, Afghan Hound with complex styling needs, will cost more than a French Bulldog, a simpler groom. I will always try to explain my prices to you before the session to have a rough estimate.


Can you groom my dog if she is in season or pregnant?

For the bitches welfare, I will not groom her if she is in season or pregnant.



Do you groom cats?



Why is my dog acting strangely after its groom?


The grooming experience for your dog is very tiring and sometimes a little stressful; your dog may be tired; let them rest, and they should be fine in the morning. However, please seek advice from your vet if you are worried about your dog's health or behaviour.


My dog needs its medication. Will you administer it?


Unfortunately, I can't give your dog any medication; please arrange an appointment time when your dog has had its medication.


I'm not happy with my dog's haircut, what are you going to do?


I'm always willing to make reasonable adjustments to anything you are not happy with; please let me know before leaving the salon or within 24hours of your appointment.

Please remember that I always do my best to groom to your desired requirement. However, your dog is a living, breathing animal that may fidget and move around during the grooming process; they may be scared and the groom may need to be stopped this all impacts the final result. I will never force a dog to be groomed an will always put their emotional needs before a 
styling requirement.



Why can't you brush mats out of the coat?

It is possible to remove small mats; unfortunately, a clip off may be needed if the coat is badly matted. Please see the de-matting policy for more details.

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